ISC Water and Heritage bureau:
And each member’s vision for the ISC

Ian Travers (ICOMOS Australia) President
‘To bring together the resources and expertise of ICOMOS with water managers to achieve better outcomes for water related cultural heritage’

Tino Mager (ICOMOS Germany) Secretary General
‘Understanding cultural heritage as a knowledge resource and making historical water knowledge usable as an asset’

Henk van Schaik (ICOMOS Netherlands) Honorary Vice President – Water and Heritage Ambassador to the ISC
‘To bring the significance of water related heritage (material, conceptual and spiritual) on the agenda (policy, planning and upkeep) of water management’
Diederik Six (ICOMOS Netherlands) Honorary Vice President – Special Water and Heritage Envoy
‘To connect the past for a sustainable future, through bridging water and heritage disciplines’
Sinite Yu (ICOMOS International) Honorary Vice President
‘To arouse the passion for water sustainable management from valuing water by heritage perspective’
Nils Ahlberg (ICOMOS Sweden) Vice President (Europe)
‘Raising awareness on water as a basic factor for cultural heritage within the heritage community and society as a whole – for resource management and sustainable development’
Meisha Hunter (ICOMOS USA) Vice President (North America)
‘For the future survival of the world’s infrastructural water heritage, particularly in the era of climate change and sea level rise, increased efforts at cross-disciplinary dialogue between water managers and preservationists are needed. Diverse stakeholders must unite to envision a sustainable future for water, both as a life-sustaining resource and as the driving force for the heritage it embodies’
Sérgio Ribeiro (ICOMOS Brazil) Vice President (Latin America and the Caribbean)
‘To include water and heritage science on the water sector and strengthen the participation of water heritage inside ICOMOS and in the heritage agenda’
Taha Ansari (ICOMOS Algeria) Vice President (Africa)
‘To answer this question: what’s water heritage. Make an inventory of all water heritages throughout the world. It has a great deal in spreading the importance of water heritage (tangible and intangible). What are the values of water heritage? For achieving our goals. Encourage young researchers to knowledge and understanding of water heritage’
Sarah Lily Yassine (ICOMOS Lebanon) Vice President (Arab States)
‘To bring the significance of waterscapes on the agenda of Arab countries in policy, design and planning’
Nupur Prothi Kanna (ICOMOS India) Vice President (Asia and the Pacific)
‘Within ICOMOS we can collaborate across other ISCs and working groups to streamline the role of water. Internationally, this ISC can bring the heritage perspective into water related initiatives, events and task forces’


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member. We ask for a CV demonstrating your expertise in water and heritage, a covering letter and your ICOMOS membership number.