Statements / Reports

ISCWater Mission Statement
Statement of Significance for Water as Cultural Heritage

Statement on Water, Culture and Heritage
by the participants of the conference on Water and Heritage: Connecting Past, Present and Future, March 20, 2023, contributing to the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York

The Statement of Amsterdam

Tokyo Statement

COP26: Water related Spirituality for Climate Adaptation

The Water Industry as World Heritage (James Douet)


ICOMOS 2023 Water & Heritage AIWW Amsterdam (08 November 2023)
ICOMOS WWW 2023 Highlights
Webinar: Preparatory Dialogue for Valuing Water – Valuing Water Culture and Heritage
Webinar: Water and Spirituality for Climate Adaptation
Water and Sanitation Management in the Mediterranean (Meisha Hunter)

Scientific Publications

Hunter, M. 2021. “Water Infrastructural Heritage: Management and Governance”. Infrastructure Asset Management Special Issue. Institution of Civil Engineers. (June).DOI: 10.1680/jinam.20.00031

Hunter, M. “Sea Level Rise and Stewardship of Water Infrastructural Heritage in Coastal Regions.” Rahman, M. ed. Handbook of Waterfront Development and Urbanism. Oxfordshire: Routledge (forthcoming 2022)

World Water Assessment Report

Tino Mager (ed.). Water Heritage – Global Perspectives for Sustainable Development. Taichung: Bureau of Cultural Heritage, 2020.

Seohyun Park, Scot McFarlane, Tino Mager et al. “Water history in the time of COVID-19: cancelled conversations”. In: Water History, Volume 13, Issue 1, 2021.

Carola Hein, Tino Mager and Roberto Rocco (eds.): Water Resilience: Creative Practices – Past, Present and Future (= European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscapes, Vol. 2, Nr. 1). Bologna: AlmaDL, 2019.

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Willem J.H. Willems, Henk P.J. van Schaik (eds.). Water & Heritage: Material, conceptual and spiritual connections. Leiden: Sidestone, 2015.

National Water and Heritage Committees

ICOMOS India | Water Heritage Working Group